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May 22, 1999: New Fitness Section

May 31, 1999: Addition to three new webrings

June 30, 1999: Addition to three new webrings

August 5, 1999: Additions to Helpful Organizations Section, Additions to Philosophies Section

August 8-14, 1999: Alterations to entire website and staff as it is moved into a new directory

August 19, 1999: Additions to World Crisis, Story section, and webrings

August 28, 1999: Additions to Advice, Webrings, and Helpful Organizations

September 6,1999: Addition to Problem Archives

September 30,1999: Addition of Staff Views Section. New Philosophy in Literature Section. Addition of Harmful Substances Page. Addition of Benefits of Exercise Page in Fitness Section.

October 9, 1999: Addition of Hunger Relief Section

October 18,1999: New Philosophy "Listen" available.

October 25, 1999: Links to Canadian Food Banks, and Homeless Shelters for Children available.

November 6, 1999: Addition of Areta's Views in Staff Views section, update to Literature Submitted To Us section in Library, Addition of Rules To Be Safe For Women in World Crisis Document Section, Addition of three new links

November 7, 1999: Addition of Ideas For You To Help in Being Helpful section. Consists of Fund-Raising Ideas and Donating Bone Marrow Facts

November 19, 1999: Addition of "Time" in Literature Submitted Section of Library

November 20, 1999: Addition of Global Events Section

November 23, 1999: Addition of Q and A in Problem Archive section

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