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Youth Organizations

Young People's Press

Young People's Press is a national news service for youth. We publish youth writing in over 200 newspapers including a weekly section in Canada's largest daily, The Toronto Star. YPP accepts non-fiction submissions from youth 14-24. They can be opinion pieces, soft or hard news stories, or features. An editor will work on-line with you to get you published! There is no charge.

Youth AIDS Society

Peer driven organization which strives to enable youth from all communities to address youth issues concerning HIV and AIDS by acting as a resource and facilitator for educational initiatives and support.

Green Ribbon Organization

Non profit organization focusing on teen and youth issues.

Grandpa-Grandma Corps, Inc

Aiding at-risk adolescents through intergenerational mentoring, presentation, and outing programs.

A Different World

Their mission at Different Way is to provide free information written and compiled by young adults. They fervidly believe that once you are aware of the injustice that exists in the world, you have a binding human responsibility to fight for your fellow man. Their goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make a difference.

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